Origami for Africa

What is Origami?

Origami is now an international word just like Sushi and Karate that were originally a Japanese word: Ori means 'to fold' and Gami(kami) means 'paper'.

It is the art of paper folding which is said to have started more than 1000 years ago with the introduction of paper making from China and gradually developed to a popular recreation in Japan.

There was no written direction for origami models until 1797. All the directions must have been handed down from one generation to the next just like African folklore.

With the accessibility of paper and advent of a new educational system in Meiji era, origami was introduced to the school curriculum in Japan and this led Origami to become a popular recreational activity.

The art of paper-folding has been practiced by many different peoples for centuries and not unique to Japanese.

Who is "Origami For Africa"?

Things Come Together .

Origami For Africa (OFA) came together into a being through the encounter between the South African poet and educator Oswald Mtshali, who has a great admiration for Japanese culture, and Kyoko Kimura the Japanese volunteer who was re-awakened to the values of origami through her interaction with the children of Africa in doing origami.

Our vision is to see origami becoming a popular recreation in Africa, so that many more people will benefit from and be inspired by this wonderful activity.

We are currently busy setting up this organization. You are most welcome to join and share your ideas.

President: Dr. Oswald Mtshali
Tel. 011 938 2590, Soweto

Vice Presidents:
Kyoko Kimura (W Cape)
Satoko Koga (Gauteng)

Malika Ndlovu, Poet, Playwright, Performer
Toshiko Kobayashi, Art therapist in NY, USA

    Benefits of Origami?
  • Concentration
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Confidence
  • Basic mathematical concepts
  • Fine motor-coordination
  • Creativity
  • Healing
  • Peaceful interaction
  • And many more.

    Where Can We Do It?
  • At Home
  • At School
  • At Library
  • At Hospital
  • At Market
  • At Old Age Home
  • At Party
  • And many more .

Contact details:
Kyoko Kimura
PO BOX 85, Kalk Bay, 7990
South Africa Phone: 021 782 6458
Fax: 021 782 6458
Email: kyoko@telkomsa.net